Mitotech small-molecule biotechnology company with a portfolio of novel drug candidates for treatment of age-related disorders. Currently our drug portfolio consists of an ophthalmic drug (Visomitin™) and an oraldrug (Plastomitin™) that both have our lead compound SkQ1 – a highly efficient mitochondria-targeted antioxidant – as their active ingredient. These two products are at different stages of clinical developments with the ophthalmic formulation having achieved Phase 3 stage in the U.S. and the oral drug entering clinical development.

Our core team is a unique fusion of cross-disciplinary scientific experts, seasoned clinical drug development professionals and experienced business leaders. Using this blend of business skills, industry expertise and fundamental scientific knowledge our company aims to tackle complex scientific problems, such as protection against mtROS and countering uncontrolled inflammation, and to turn the results of company’s innovative biological research into a line-up of pharmaceutical products. Company’s mission is to leverage the break-through in delivering highly active compounds into mitochondria across a wide spectrum of age-related and rare therapeutic indications and to provide medications with this novel mechanism of action to millions of patients worldwide.